Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flappy Ball

# Minimalist version of flappy bird, Work in progress
# Click to jump
graphsize 600,400
Dim obstaclehight(10)

for level = 1 to 5
  # Generate obstacles
   for n = 0 to 9
     obstaclehight[n] = 150+ int(rand*(10+40*level))-20*level
   next n
   # restart point after losing a life
   # End game code
   if lifes = 0 then
       color black
       font "arial",50,50
       text 50,50,"End"
   end if
   pause 1
   # Running code
   for x = 1 to 2200 step 1
       color yellow
       rect 0,0,600,400
       color black
       font "arial",50,50
       text 50-x,50,"Level:"+(level)
       if level < 5 then text 2200-x,50,"Level:"+(level+1)
       if level = 5 then text 2200-x,50,"End"
       # Drawing columns
       for n = 0 to 9
          color darkgreen
          rect 300+n*200-x,0,50,400
          color yellow
          rect 300+n*200-x,obstaclehight[n],50,100
         # Ball death
           if 300+n*200-x=50 or 300+n*200-x=0 then
               if birdy < obstaclehight[n] or birdy > obstaclehight[n]+100 then
                   goto start
                end if
            end if
         next n
   # Ball draw
   color red
   circle 50,birdy,10
   color white
   circle 52,birdy-2,3
   color black
   circle 53,birdy-2,2
   rect 56,birdy+2,5,3
   color black
   font "arial",20,100
   text 10,10,"Lifes"+lifes
   # Movement
   if clickx>0 then dy=-1
  next x
next level


  1. Nice.... Like the blog, just shows what you can do with basic!

    I made a small change ...added a line between 44 and 45

    say "Aaargh!"

    So when you die you get some feedback.. Going to have to look at the rest of the program work out how it does the rest of what it does...

  2. Aha, I see how you print the level, have changed that sub so it also prints a score...

    Added these lines in after between the two end if originally on lines 46 & 47:

    score = score + 1
    print "score = " + score

    After setting score up as 0 in the first section (where you originally defined your variables).

    then added this line in the #Ball draw section

    text 400,10,"Score: " + score

    I have thoughts about how to make levels more difficult as the "bird" continues.

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  4. What file do we save as

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