Tuesday, January 8, 2013



# For this program to work you need to copy the pictures and save in your disk/pen, and then change the path in imgload if necessary.

# This is the sprite sheet
imgload 150,75,"G:\cars.png"

spritedim 16

# slicing vehicles from the sprite sheet
for y = 0 to 112.5 step 37.5
for x = 0 to 225 step 75
spriteslice n,x,y,75,37.5
next x
next y
pause 2

graphsize 600,300

#Backgroud image
imgload 300,150,"G:\town.png"

# Placing vehicles
for n = 0 to 3
spriteplace n,int(rand*20)+n*100,260
spriteshow n
next n
for n = 4 to 7
spriteplace n,int(rand*20)+n*100-300,265
spriteshow n
next n
for n = 8 to 11
spriteplace n,int(rand*20)+n*100-700,275
spriteshow n
next n
for n = 12 to 15
spriteplace n,int(rand*20)+n*100-1100,280
spriteshow n
next n

# Makes sprites move
for n = 0 to 7
if n>-1 and n<4 then spritemove n,1.2,0
if n>3 and n<8 then spritemove n,.8,0
if spritex (n) = 600 then spritemove n,-600,0
next n
for n = 8 to 15
if n>7 and n<12 then spritemove n,-1.2,0
if n>11 and n<16 then spritemove n,-.8,0
if spritex (n) = 0 then spritemove n,600,0
next n
goto loop


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